A Lack of Imagination Need No Longer Be a Barrier to Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement and decorating some people can really picture what they want and work out the best way to achieve it. For others, though, it’s a lot harder and they just cannot visualise how a room will look with a new sofa in it, or decide whether or not a certain wallpaper will look good.

“This is a common detail that comes up time and again during property viewings,” said Denhan Guaranteed Rent. “Some potential home buyers really struggle to see how much of a positive impact a change to the décor, or knocking down a wall in a property will make.”

From the home improvement and estate agency industries perspective that inability to look through décor or layout, means they often lose out on a customer making a purchase. Research suggests that the home décor industry alone loses up to £1 billion per year, simply because consumers lack the vision to buy the items they really want for their homes.

Enter DigitalBridge and Virtual Visualisation

Fortunately for the home improvement business there is a tool that can help. DigitalBridge, a Manchester-based start-up, has created a digital tool that allows people to ‘see’ what their room or home would look like with different wallpaper, carpets or furniture.

This new-ish virtual imagery tool can be used, pretty easily, when consumers are considering making a purchase. John Lewis is among the businesses that have invested in DigitalBridge’s technology and with their range of ready-made and made to order soft furnishing, it’s easy to understand why.

“Home décor and improvement is a huge business, so investing in something that can encourage your customers to part with their cash in the name of home improvement is something many businesses are sure to do,” said LDG, Central London estate agent. “It’s useful for us estate agents to know this tool is available too, as we can direct potential home-buyers there to help them have a better idea of what a few decoration changes will do to a property.”

See What You’re Missing in Seconds

Bridging what the company calls, ‘the imagination gap’ could really provide a boost to home improvement, soft-furnishings and DIY sales. It can also help put a lot of home-buyers and home-owners’ worries about whether they should or shouldn’t buy or install something new, to rest.

With research by DigitalBridge showing some 60% of UK consumers planning to make changes to their home during 2017, those businesses who already have the visualisation software to help their customers see how good – or not – a new purchase could look in their home, are well-placed to reap a larger proportion of those potential purchases.

“As with many things, investing in a tool that will really help your customer is almost always money well spent,” said Eden Harper, Battersea estate agent. “But perhaps this virtual visualisation tool could benefit the estate agency industry too and is something we should be looking into more closely?”

It would certainly provide a welcome aid for some home buyers who just cannot picture a home in need of sprucing up with their preferred décor, colours and furniture.

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