To buy or not to buy?

For the past century British people have been obsessed with owning their own homes, but it hasn’t always been that way. Denhan Guaranteed Rent explains- “Home ownership is still a relatively new idea. In 1918 property ownership was a luxury reserved for only the most wealthy ...

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The pros and cons of Equity Release schemes

Sometimes life has a way of surprising us with unexpected costs, no matter how careful we are with our money. An Equity Release scheme is an effective way to free up a little extra cash to deal with emergencies, and can also help with things like paying for treats like holidays a...

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New Legislations for Landlords

Landlords may well get substantial tax breaks; but managing a range (or even a couple) of properties, is no picnic in the park. This is because there are a maze of regulations to understand, and these tend to change  depending on who’s running the country. And the latest r...

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