Do you live in Battersea? If so, be prepared for the arrival of the US embassy – the Americans are coming!

Nine Elms is London’s biggest regeneration project to date. The sparkling new developments popping up in the area have beautiful open spaces and plush amenities, and thousands of new jobs have also been created.

All very exciting – and helped by the fact that the scheme received a crucial boost when plans for a new £620m US embassy in Vauxhall was given the green light back in 2012. The councilors approved the application for the redevelopment of a 450-acre stretch of industrial land, previously known as the Nine Elms Opportunity area.

The residential complex called Embassy Gardens, is currently being built by Ballymore around the site. Eden Harper, an estate agents in Battersea said Nine Elms is set to become a brand new diplomatic quarter on the Southbank as the Dutch Embassy is also moving on site.

At the centre of the project is a huge glass cube – and hundreds of embassy staff will be moving here in two years time. The US has apparently ‘outgrown’ its embassy as it doesn’t meet all of the security standards embassies need to meet at the existing site in Grosvenor Square. They’ll be expected to adapt to their new surroundings – which will include the restored Battersea Power Station.

Locals have been experiencing a buzz in and around Nine Elms and Battersea for quite some time; the whole area’s being slowly transformed beyond recognition and has become a prime target for those looking to invest and live in luxury property.

The embassy move has acted as a magnet for new investment and the area will continue to prosper and grow into and beyond 2017. The complex is set to attract 1,000 visitors per day and this will really breathe new life into the area.

However, some critics have slammed the plans, claiming that the new embassy is a “corporate office block”. Embassy spokesmen have replied that the new building integrates aspects of British landscaping and site design, not high fences; and that the aim is to create an ‘iconic, timeless design that symbolises democracy and the enduring strength of United States-United Kingdom relationship’.

The security measures are designed to be as invisible as possible and access will be controlled by a half-moat on one side and landscaping on the other. The development is centred on “The Chancery” — an 11-storey cube-shaped building, and apparently could be among the highest-performing buildings in the world in terms of sustainability and energy use.

Affordable Homes

This isn’t just a story of luxury and high class living, 28 separate developments are also under way within the area. All of the developments will be tied together by the Linear Park, a green corridor that will run  from Battersea down to Vauxhall.

The rise and rise of Battersea and Nine Elms can only be good news for those living in and around the area. The arrival of the US embassy staff will bring further prosperity to the area – and who knows, perhaps this part of town could soon upstage ‘prime’ areas such as Mayfair and Chelsea.

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