Tenants want landlords to clean out their fridge

A rent guarantee scheme that takes the hassle out of property management can end tenants’ unreasonable demands on a landlord.

Ever wondered what you should be doing to keep your tenants happy? More than you bargained for, according to research that shows that more than 50% of tenants believe that landlords should deal with raucous neighbours, and more than 80% say problems such as mould and condensation should be addressed, along with pets and vermin.

One in six tenants say that the landlord should even mow the grass and keep the garden neat and tidy, according to the study by letting agent Property Let By Us, which also found that 6% of tenants say their landlord should pay utility bills and even clean the fridge.

When it comes to checking out, nearly one in ten tenants think that it’s the landlord’s responsibility to clean the fridge and oven, with 6% saying the landlord should clean the property at the end of the tenancy.

The biggest issue that tenants have with landlords is how long it takes them to address problems, with nearly two-thirds saying they’d like to see this speeded up. Apparently, 40% have waited for up to two weeks to get problems fixed. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that 50% would like landlords to respond to emails and telephone calls faster.

However, just 12% of tenants would like their landlord to be more approachable and friendly and an impressive 25% think that landlords are good on the whole. Only 16% want to see more legislation to protect tenants, with a third looking for greater punishment for rogue landlords.

Jane Morris, managing director of Property Let By Us, comments: “Tenants have some very unrealistic expectations of landlords and this is contributing to their low satisfaction.  However, it is well documented that some landlords are poor at dealing with problems quickly and efficiently and we are constantly seeing reports of landlords who have neglected tenant safety.”

At the start of a tenancy, it’s important to highlight what tenants are responsible for and help them understand the landlord’s responsibilities. However, this can be a time consuming process for landlords – especially if they have a large portfolio of properties.

But imagine a world with no voids, no late night telephone calls from tenants and no dealing with viewings or lettings. A Guaranteed Rent Scheme can not only take care of everything, it can also provide landlords with a fixed guaranteed rental income for up to five years.

Rent guarantee specialists, Assetgrove have sheer dedication to maintaining excellent property standards also helps achieve continuously high occupancy levels.

What are you waiting for? Why not contact one of Assetgrove’s friendly team? We successfully let properties within 48 hours of taking it on. And if any work needs doing to bring it up to scratch we can even do that for you with no upfront payments required.

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