Why invest into Nine Elms

Throughout the last decade we have seen a lot of regeneration in London, across both the east and west of the UK capital. Glossy new buildings have been popping up, starting with Stratford and the Olympic Village, as well as areas like Old street and spreading all the way down to Battersea with the construction of Nine Elms.  This part of town offers shiny new apartment blocks and offices in sky scrapers; all of this has been attracting investors for some years now.  So exciting is this project, that it has been dubbed a ‘Mini-Manhattan’ or ‘Dubai-on-the-Thames’.


Situated on the south bank with brand new transport links, it will allow easy access to areas such as Waterloo, Westminster, the City and Leicester Square. As an estate agents in Battersea, Eden Harper can expect 16,000 new homes and 25,000 new jobs in the area and a whole host of cultural attractions – including the grand reopening of New Covent Garden market. Nine Elms will be full of high-end luxury apartments with shopping areas to match; attracting clients from Canary Wharf in the east down to Battersea as regeneration hits this previously unremarkable area.   When you piece all this together, it’s no wonder that Nine Elms is due to become one of London’s property hot spots – this is why should you should take up the opportunity to invest here as soon as you can.


The benefits

Some £15bn has been pouring into the area, which was previously a wasteland of sheds and warehouses.  It is a stone’s throw away from the highly upmarket area of Chelsea and is considered to be one of the largest building projects in Europe.  The cost of the project easily trumps that of the Olympic site in Stratford which saw £9 bn worth of investment. With the arrival of the new American Embassy and some 2000 workers expected to visit each day, it’s safe to say our friends from across the pond will be a permanent fixture of Nine Elms. Many companies will already be ploughing their money into the area in an effort to ensure their place in one of London’s grandest new developments.


Projects like Nine Elms attract a lot of overseas investors; this is because the UK has great ties with the business community and the financial sector.  Add to this low property taxes, strong property rights and it’s no wonder that the London property market is viewed as a ‘safe haven’ – particularly after the recent Conservative win. This in turn has caused a ripple effect throughout London, bringing about price rises in other areas as many scramble to purchase properties before it’s too late.  Throughout London we have seen price hikes and properties double in value in the last decade, making it a sure bet that any investment laid down now will see a strong financial return for savvy investors.  Since once construction is complete in Nine Elms prices are bound to rise, it’s well worth securing your place in one of London’s new property hotspots.

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